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If your organization needs onsite training, but does not have a computer training laboratory or a travel budget, our program has been designed for you. ITO will bring all the necessary equipment and materials to your site and our instructor will conduct the course. This program is ideal for organizations with limited travel budgets as well as those who need to train a number of their employees at the same time, but cannot afford to have so many of their personnel away. Students will receive the same high-quality instruction that they would at a Guidance Software training facility.



Benefits of Training


  • FEWER STAFF CHANGES: Training encourages job satisfaction, which can lead to fewer resignations.

  • GREATER PRODUCTIVITY: Training improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your workers, which leads to greater profitability.

  • IMPROVED STAFF MORALE: Staff who feel good about themselves, because they're learning new things, help to build a positive work culture.

  • ADAPTABILITY TO CHANGE: Training stops your people from 'getting stuck in a rut'. When changes happen, they'll be able to adapt more quickly which will help to keep productivity high.

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO MANAGEMENT: Helping your people to gain new skills and knowledge shows that you care. If they like you, they'll work harder for you.

  • INCREASED CHANCE OF INTERNAL PROMOTION: Training helps to keep knowledge and skills within your organization.

  • CONFIDENCE WITH CHANGING TECHNOLOGY: Training will help your people to stay in touch with new advancements and adapt quickly to new systems.


Examples of classes offered


Crystal Reports Beginners: (4 hours)

  • Basics of report design

  • Grouping, sorting and totaling

  • Formatting the report

  • Simple formula

  • Formatting fields

  • Formatting sections

  • Linking tables

  • Adding logo/lines to the report

  • Selection formula


Crystal Reports Advanced: (4 hours)

  • Linking to Timberline Billings

  • Modifying Billings Format (AIA, etc.)

  • Linking to PO/IV

  • Modifying/Creating PO/Subcontract

  • Crystal Sub-reports

  • Crystal graphics

  • Distributing reports

  • Compiling reports

  • Advanced formulas

  • SQL Query


Timberline Report Designer Beginners: (4 hours)

  • Basics of report design

  • Simple formula

  • Formatting fields

  • File structure

  • Linking tables parent-child relationship

  • Adding fields to the report

  • Conditioning/sorting and page breaks

  • Modifying Timberline reports

  • Reports manager


Timberline Report Designer Advanced: (4 hours)

  • Alternate sorting methods

  • Advanced functions

  • File structure

  • Lookup function

  • Table links

  • Creating import files

  • Using TR for reconciliation



PO/IV Setup: (4 hours)

  • Data Folder Settings

  • Item Setup

  • Custom Description

  • Locations Setup

  • Price List Setup

  • Retainage Setup

  • Alternate Vendors Setup

  • PO/IV setup file structure


PO/IV Workflow: (4 hours)

  • Item Setup

  • Workflow file structure

  • Requisitions

  • PO/Subcontract/Blanket PO

  • Change Order

  • Receipt

  • Invoice

  • Returned Authorities

  • Issuing items

  • Sending Orders to JC

  • Send Invoices to AP

  • Timberline Macros


Advanced Timberline Payroll: (4 hours)

  • Setting up Unions

  • Certified Payroll

  • Cash fringe setup

  • Retrieval hierarchy

  • Reimbursement setup

  • 401k and 401k match setup

  • W2s local tax formulas and reports


Change Management - Process Improvement

  • Our only non-software based class

  • How do companies and individuals cope with change

  • Process improvement and the bottom up approach

  • Book Review: Good to Great

  • Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese

  • Taking it home: What will make your company great.


Custom Onsite Training

  • According to your needs. Minimum 8 hours.

  • Accounting

  • Project Management

  • Estimating

  • Property Management

  • Microsoft Products

  • Web Design

  • Change Management


Sage 300 CRE Timberline Onsite Training

According to your needs. Minimum 8 hours.


  • Accounting Project Management

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Billing

  • Buyout

  • Contracts

  • Crystal Reports

  • Document Management

  • Equipment

  • Estimating

  • Financial Statement







  • General Ledger

  • Inquiry Designer

  • Inventory Management

  • Job Cost

  • ODBC

  • Payroll

  • Pervasive

  • Project Management

  • Proper Budgeting

  • Property Management

  • Purchasing

  • Report Designer

  • Service Management

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