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Why hire a consultant:

  • Because consultants are experts

  • Because consultants are objective, outside third party

  • Because consultants have dedicated time

  • Because consultants are a flexible resources

  • Because there is no long-term commitment

  • Because the price is right


What will our consultants never do:

  • Be arrogant

  • Pull punches

  • Create problems where none exist

  • Bite off more than they can chew

  • Over-commit and under-deliver

  • Neglect current customers while pursuing other customers


What will our consultants do:

  • Listen

  • Investigate

  • Analyze

  • Recommend

  • Catalyze change

  • Implement


Letís assume youíre looking to implement a new accounting system. You have two choices for the implementation; hire a new employee or hire a consultant.


Consulting Savings Calculation
  Employee Consultant
Hourly pay rate         $25.00 $120.00
Fringe benefits $08.75 $0.00
Overhead rate* $12.50 $0.00
Total effective pay rate $46.25 $120
Hours per year 2080 400
Total Annual Cost $96,200.00 $48,000.00
* Overhead rate include the cost of training personnel.


Surprised. A saving of $48,200 annually is common on top of added value, reliability,

limited cost of turnover and increased productivity. Feel free to modify the numbers

in the spreadsheet above to reflect your company's own rates.


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