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Fraud Detection Audit

ITO's main steps to performing a fraud detection audit is to collect data, perform data preparation, perform data analysis, and finally provide descriptive reporting.

There are several ways to detect fraud. Here is a list of items ITO can help you detect fraud in your company:

Track Unusual Behavior Auditors Complaints Excessive Voids
Stale Items in Reconciliations. Common Names Missing Documents
Increasing Reconciling Items Large Payments to Individuals Employee Overtime
Adjustments to Receivables or Payables Credit Card Utilization Excess Purchases
General Ledger Out-of-Balance Ghost Employees Duplicate Payments
Employee Expense Accounts Increased Scrap Write-off of Accounts Receivable
Post Office Boxes as Shipping Addresses Inventory Shortages Excessive Credit Memos
Compare Names and Addresses (data normalization) System Batch Reconciliation Duplicates Near, Duplicates Similar
Review of Time Dependent Data Fictitious Companies Calculation of Various Statistical Parameters
Detect anomalies in the behavior of transactions or users Fuzzy matching Bank Wire Transfers


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