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System Review Audit

We will review your Accounting systems and provide advice on potential efficiency gains via the smart deployment of technology solutions. We are experienced in this area with robust knowledge of available solutions. ITO's certified Accountants has a strong background in IT and process improvement. This will ensure that any suggestions will be relevant and helpful to your business.

Successful Bids Begin with an Adequate Accounting System. Whether you know it or not, your accounting system has a tremendous impact on your ability to successfully bid and perform on many types of contracts. While auditors have traditionally determined if financials are accurate, we instead determine if a  contractor’s accounting system is adequate, inadequate, or inadequate in part.

What steps you may need to take in order to avoid the long-term consequences an inadequate accounting system audit could have for your business? In meeting our consultants,  you will learn:

  • The definition of an "adequate” accounting system

  • How much of a factor having an adequate accounting system has become

  • Some of the basic requirements of an adequate accounting system

  • The types of data requested during an audit

  • How officers can use audit reports to help determine staff responsibility

  • How negative reports may result in losing cost-type or T&M work


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