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Outsourced Billing

Billing is an unavoidable and time-consuming task for many business owners. When you outsource billing services, you can achieve reduced operating expenses, better cash flow management, higher collection rates and peace of mind. Additionally, as customers increasingly use online banking, switching to online billing helps you meet their needs.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer billing.

ITO Outsourcing also guarantees that your paper bills will be sent out within one business day, and it allows you to track your bills from processing to delivery. There’s also an email or fax billing service for business-to-business billing.

For paperless billing, ITO Outsourcing can create a website or email your customers a PDF image of a bill, and customers can pay through credit card, debit card or ACH. ITO Outsourcing’s printed bill service allows you to insert customized marketing messages into the bill and send mail at the lowest postage rates. ITO Outsourcing also scans a PDF image and archives all the printed billing documents for easy retrieval.

ITO Outsourcing collections service features an online negotiation tool that allows customers to resolve their outstanding debts and choose a pre-determined payment option.

ITO Outsourcing believes in the power of online platforms to change antiquated ways of life and make outsourcing services efficiently accessible.

Billing Methods

Invoice Draft is used to print invoices for verification prior to printing final invoices. We can print a draft of the same invoice as many times as necessary. There are three types of Billings that ITO Outsource can handle:

  • Contract Based Progress Billing: An AIA type billing allows the project managers to supply a Units in place, Stored material, Work completed and Percent for contract-based billings pencil copy. 
  • Time and Material Billing: A Work-In-Progress cost data is accumulated and it is used to apply rates and markup calculations to cost transactions received from Accounts Payable, Equipment Cost, Job Cost, and Payroll for billing purposes. Work-In-Progress (WIP) records created for cost-based billings. Invoices will show the breakdown of Labor, Material and Other billing separately.

  • Work Order Billing: Creating invoices for work orders is now a relatively simple process. A list of all work orders billed will be listed on the invoice. Additional descriptive text may be entered by adding a note to a work order.


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