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Process Reengineering

Since its establishment, Info Tech Outlook, Inc. has provided consulting and management training for domestic and international clients. Info Tech's efforts concentrate on helping management improve productivity, quality and the cost effectiveness of service delivery. The results of these programs and efforts help our client companies improve customer service levels, save employee work time, and ultimately reduce their operating costs, while improving service, quality, and more. Each client experiences an immediate, tangible, and lasting impact to the bottom line. Additionally, Info Tech on-site training programs and workshops enable managers and supervisors to achieve greater employee involvement in helping to improve the business performance.


Our Areas of Expertise

We can assist your organization in identifying and implementing significant improvements in processes that lead to quantum leaps in performance beginning with initial strategic and business planning through preparing your employees for the changes that come with new initiatives such as Knowledge Management, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Functionality Assessments (FA). Since information technology is a key enabler for an organization to achieve quantum leaps in performance, we also provide the organization with assistance in developing strategies that integrate technology with the organization's overall strategic direction.

Our clients are currently achieving dramatic results, such as 60% reduction in cost, 45% reductions in cycle time, and 45% reduction in process steps. These outstanding results have been achieved by employing our ITO Change methodology. ITO Change is a Three Step Reengineering process that helps companies re-design and implement change. ITO Change, a team approach, is tailored to the needs of each client. The end result of ITO Change is both a specific design for your needs, and the right to use this proven methodology for your companies' own internal use as the right solution is implemented!


Conduct a Strategic Assessment - listing business goals, objectives, a cost/benefits estimate, and an outline of the overall plan for change.


A. Model and Analyze the "As-Is" - we make a structured model of all of the functions of the client's processes as they are today. This step shows how business is actually performed, and the detailed steps that are taken to perform them. This also includes an analysis of the cost of those functions and the opportunities to reduce cost.

B. Model and Analyze the "To-Be" - we develop a new structured model based on all the information gathered that defines and refines the client's future operations. This model shows how the business and/or operations should work in the future, once change plans are implemented.


Develop and Execute an Implementation Plan - we design strategic, financial and technical plans for the "To-Be" model which was designed in Level Three. This plan matches the determined business goals. Opportunities identified in Level One will be tested against the model developed in Level Two. Level Three also provides detailed group technology-based analysis of parts and products, equipment lists and layouts, identified training requirements, and cost/benefit scenarios for implementation.


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