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Sage 300 CRE Timberline Estimating Buyout


  • Use estimate details to jumpstart the bid solicitation and vendor selection process.
  • Evaluate supplier and subcontractor quotes efficiently from one easy to use screen.
  • Share data between applications and eliminate unnecessary duplicated efforts.
  • Keep your estimating database pricing current based on RFQ
    pricing received.
  • Automate PO generation and Job Cost tracking by streamlining and integrating processes and sharing data.
  • Combine items from multiple projects to take advantage of volume discounts.

Sage Estimating Buyout allows companies working with Sage Estimating for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline Office) or Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) to quickly and accurately turn detailed estimates into RFQs and purchase orders.
It’s well known that the Buyout process is one of the most critical first steps in the overall profitability of any construction project. Even before you break ground, making or losing money could be predetermined based on how well you buy out the project.

Now you can take advantage of the material and subcontract items in your estimates to solicit prices from potential suppliers and subcontractors, issue purchase orders, and automatically transfer the commitments to Job Cost and Purchasing applications.

In short, Buyout helps you sort the items in an estimate into desired groups of materials, produce documents, and perform the tasks necessary to buy out your job:
• Automatically generate, sort, and send RFQs to suppliers and subcontractors
via email, fax, or printed hard copy.
• Record, track, analyze, and select bids received.
• Transfer commitments to Job Cost for estimated versus actual cost tracking.
• Transfer commitments to Purchasing for PO generation.

Buyout integrates with estimating and accounting software
From Buyout, you have access to standard cost codes, categories, and tax groups stored in Job Cost and Accounts Payable applications. Unlike competitive products, Buyout is truly integrated and reads the project information directly from your estimating file.
Once subs and suppliers have been chosen, commitments are transferred electronically to Job Cost and Purchasing. With integration between Buyout and Job Cost, Accounts Payable, Address Book, and Purchasing, you can take advantage of data already existing in your Sage system:
• AP tax tables
• Standard cost codes
• Standard categories
• Contact lists

Not only does Buyout save time and reduce effort by automating
the bid solicitation process, it also provides an important tool for
determining where you are in the Buyout process at any moment.
Establish percent complete, minimize your exposure, and see at a
glance how your actual prices are comparing with your estimated
costs. You’ll never have to wonder if you’re over budget or search
through piles of paper, files, or faxes to find out.
Buyout features
• Build a worksheet of material and subcontract items to be
bought out automatically by reading the estimating file.
• Combine multiple estimates into a single worksheet, an
important feature for contractors who receive price
discounts based on volume purchases.
• Create one-time items in the Buyout item window.
• View items the way you want to see them—by WBS,
location, phase, material class, and so forth.
• Group materials or subcontract items for ease in obtaining
prices. Create quote sheets and assign material items and
subcontract items to the quote sheets.
• Assign multiple vendors and subcontractors to quote sheets.
• Use prices from Buyout’s standard price database for items
in the quote sheet.
• Automatically submit requests for quotes and send purchase
orders via email, fax, or hard copy.
• Split items out of one quote for the creation of a new
quote sheet.
• Use the Summary Quote sheet to organize vendors’
or subcontractors’ quotes from low to high.
• Save prices from the quote sheet to a Buyout standard
price database.
• Change prices for any item and update the estimating
database with pricing from Buyout.
• Generate RFQs and POs directly from Buyout and issue
automatically via email, fax, or hard copy.
• Update Estimating estimates with Buyout prices, revised
quantities, and vendor/subcontractor selections.For More Information Contact:


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