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Sage 300 CRE Timberline MyCommunicator

Ensure your properties and projects run on time and on budget using Microsoft Outlook.
Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate MyCommunicator for Outlook, a powerful add-on module to Sage MyAssistant,* uses the familiarity and ease of Outlook to directly access, track, and update your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data in real time.

While MyAssistant issues automatic alerts, generates reports, and distributes documents, MyCommunicator extends that power. Now you can monitor, assign, and follow up on key activities in Sage 300 Construction without ever leaving your email application.

Leverage the power of Outlook to request information, share important data, manage to-dos, and set reminders. Sage 300 Construction data is embedded directly within your email, providing drill-down access to additional details as needed, so you can proactively make decisions, assign and monitor actionable tasks for employees and vendors, and improve communication both inside and outside your company.
Stay connected and informed—all from within Outlook
Based on the information in your Sage 300 Construction system, MyCommunicator enables you to:
•Initiate and track communications. “Has anything been done to resolve this?”
•Discover a possible delay in schedule. “What information do I still need—and whom do I need it from?”
•Follow up or resend an original request. “Hope you got my email; I’m resending just to be sure.”
•Resolve issues quickly. “All insurance certificates are up to date.”
Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

•Act decisively
•Identify potential problems earlier to proactively deal with business or project issues.
•Quickly take advantage of new opportunities.
•Stay organized
•Keep properties and projects running smoothly by tracking, assigning, and following up on key activities from within Microsoft® Outlook.
•Streamline workflow processes using one centralized location.
•Ensure your data is current
•Update important Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data directly from Microsoft Outlook.
•Immediately know where you stand on regulatory and compliance requirements.

Sage MyCommunicator for Outlook®
From one, centralized location (Microsoft Outlook) you can:
•Integrate more people into the entire project/job process.
•Understand what needs to be addressed.
•Set responsibility.
•Identify whom/what you’re waiting for.
•Ensure company information is current.
•Recognize what’s been done/fixed.
•Update Sage 300 Construction in real time.
•Reliable communication and accountability
•With MyCommunicator, you can manage all types of important information such as expiring
vendor certificates. MyAssistant can be setup to send a personalized email to each vendor with a notice of upcoming expiration, requesting updated proof of insurance. As expiration dates approach, you can receive a list of vendors who have not responded and are nearing expiration. Then, using MyCommunicator, you could initiate additional requests to receive updated information and monitor the activity, updating certificate information such as dates or limits in Sage 300 Construction directly from Outlook.

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