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Sage 300 CRE Timberline Estimating

Sage 300 CRE Timberline Estimating software streamlines the entire estimating process, from conceptual estimate to final bill of material, and everywhere in between.

You can use it as early as a project’s planning stage for remarkably precise conceptual estimates. Take advantage of its accuracy and speed to crank out competitive hard bids. Play "what-if" to quickly consider a variety of cost options at any time. And link it to CAD, scheduling, bidding software, and more.

Timberline Estimating software is designed specifically for the work you do every day - whether it's commercial construction, design/build, home building, mechanical or other specialty. And it comes with the backing of a knowledgeable support staff dedicated to respond to your needs.

Core Products:

Sage 300 CRE Timberline Estimating

Everything you need - from fast takeoff tools to presentation quality reports - is available with the click of a mouse. Estimating Standard also makes it easier to analyze and fine-tune your work. For example, you can open and compare several estimates at once, even drag items from one spreadsheet into another for quick creation of alternate estimates. Want to view your spreadsheet in a number of different ways, such as by location or bid item? You can do that too. What’s more, the software comes with 10 industry databases and a comprehensive HELP system to get you up and running quickly.

Smart Assemblies with Extended features

Estimating Extended Smart Assemblies give you the power to take off even the most complicated building components in just one entry. Hundreds of item variations and calculation methods are covered in each assembly. Built-in logic capabilities automatically select the correct item and calculation method from the range of choices to deliver the quantities you need within seconds. Change a parameter of the building component and the software instantly carries out any pre-set instructions you’ve built into the assembly. Total costs, total units and cost per unit are all displayed immediately after takeoff. So you catch errors instantly instead of days later.

WBS codes

Work Breakdown Structure codes let you organize your estimate a variety of ways, by project phase, drawing detail, or location, like building 1 or 2. Simply assign your WBS code to any item, either in the database or during takeoff. You can attach up to 12 user-defined WBS codes to each item, which make analysis and reporting possibilities endless.


Estimating Extended automates the pricing of all crews and gives you the labor and equipment requirements needed to complete the job.

A variety of crew reports are available to help you inform project managers. You can sort your crew reports by location or WBS code. Print an analysis report showing all labor and equipment class requirements with hours and dollars. Or request a field report highlighting the crew you’re using at a specific location and its productivity.

Additional Software:

Project Management


Cut & Fill Products


Palm Estimating

Precision Viewer

Pre-Built Databases

All Estimating core products come with working sample industry-specific databases that include standard industry items and other estimating factors. You can build these databases to reflect your company's own unique estimating procedures and policies by adding your own items, formulas, assemblies, productivity and conversions. Or you can select one of our advanced databases for more of a head start on database creation. Timberline's advanced databases contain thousands of items and many pre-built assemblies that you can use right away. Advanced databases are available for the following specialties:


Commercial GC

Residential Home Builder

Commercial Conceptual

Commercial Concrete/Masonry

Commercial Drywall

Commercial Highway/Heavy

Commercial HVAC

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Site Utilities

Commercial Steel

Commercial/Residential Landscaping

Industrial HVAC

Industrial Process Piping

Industrial Process & Plant

R.S. Means data is also available electronically for use with Timberline Estimating.



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